Marques de Vargas 1999 and 2001


Bought from Majestic earlier this year. Part of the Rioja parcel they purchased from a Spanish caterer. In a mixed case, around £15. Typical old Rioja nose and taste, develops well in the glass, savory. some fruit still. Update, 24h later. Still drinkable but no improvement.

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This was tried several days later but I thought it would be useful to post details here. Another one from the Spanish caterer via Majestic. Slightly younger but a ‘privada’ so more expensive. 2001 was a great year in Rioja, rated excellent by the DOC – a very rare event –  but we were disappointed in this. Just too rich, too jammy and really a bit ordinary, albeit with characteristic Rioja notes. As Geoff said, lacking in subtlety and elegance. Perhaps the perfect weather made the wine making a bit too easy?


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