B’mingham Style

Eat on the ledge

Eat on the ledge

Venue: Pearce’s Shellfish Stall, Birmingham Fish Market. Time: the start of any holiday, usually 10 am Sat.

We’re here again, the walrus and the carpenter, eating fresh oysters. We may talk of cabbages and kings but it’s more likely crosswords – or the quality of the oysters and the wine. It’s visit number eight and we’ve sampled oysters with champagne, London porter (excellent), Chablis and Sauvignon. Today it’s the turn of Louis Moreau Chablis 2009 (from M & S). We discussed – and agreed – how Chablis, like Sancerre, can be disappointingly thin and lacking in flavour even at a higher price level only because customers buy labels they recognise. However, the Moreau was a wonderful exception. Beautifully clear with a hint of green, a fresh lemony nose and mouth-puckeringly dry but with just enough body to roll round the mouth with the sweet oysters. Mmmm!

Two glasses each and the train home against the tide of Christmas shoppers bearing gifts. That reminds me …….


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