Franglais in a bottle.


Delighted! – of Tunbridge Wells?

Who invented the sparkling stuff? The French or English? Whatever.
I was given the Gusbourne 2007 by a generous manager of the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham. (merci bien) and we found just the occasion to open it. Mon dieu!

Although not forward on the nose (le nez), it had small, fine bubbles that were continually festive. A clear but deeper yellow gave the age away but the taste was still fruity, lemony and, as our hosts agreed, dry, perfect for an aperitif. The classic blend of Chardonnay with the two Pinots, Noir and Meunier, gave the wine freshness and pleasing fullness in the mouth.

The French would say “Tres bon, mais il n’est pas Champagne” whilst the English will state “It’s got a Tunbridge Wells post-code – so there.”

Dix out of dix.


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