Fino and jamon.

2012-12-21 at 18-45-32Just like oysters and Chablis, fino and jamon is another perfect match. The picture shows a paleta (front leg) of Iberico ham from Cinco Jotas, owned by Osborne as it happens. The fino is the Una from the Palmas range, bought from the Wine Society (£16) and made by Gonzalez Byass, one of Osborne’s competitors.

Both ham and the sherry are amongst the best you can get. The ham is full of flavour, especially as it warms in the mouth, with great length. The fat is creamy and intense. The sherry compliments and shares some of these flavours and length with the addition of a dry yeasty nose.

Update, a few days later. More sherry and ham, this time a manzanilla. From Lay and Wheeler (don’t get me started – I much prefer dealing with their owners,  Majestic Wine. Perhaps a post one day), about £14. Not the most typical manza I’ve ever tried, certainly less salty than some but very fine and pure. Rather shy nose and overall not as complex as the Una, so not quite as well suited to  the ham.

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