Geoff Merrill Chardonnay 1999



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I’m pretty sure I bought this from Tesco, several years ago when my local store had a ‘fine wine’ section, with imitation wine-shop wooden racking and a so-so collection of moderately expensive wines. Needless to say this didn’t last and the wines were sold of at reduced prices with this one being, I think £5.49. Still expensive if it tastes awful or has maderised. At first the deep old gold yellow tint made us suspect that had happened but on the palette it was a revelation. Some comments from Geoff: ‘…star bright, clear, deep golden with some viscosity, nose – mellowed fruit of an older wine, deep but still enough citrus to be interesting. Palate, still firm structure, dry but fruit sweetness. depth of flavour from age, a really good one and 13 years young!’



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