Envoy Riesling 2008

Enough of the journalese from me; here are just the facts, man.
Marlborough (NZ) Riesling from Spy Valley. Available from Majestic at £18.74 (14.99 for 2). Web site gives a 1* review complaining about petrol overtones. (this can be typical of the variety, though not to everyone’s delight)
Eye: star bright, clear, mid-yellow with green tinge indicates age with still some youth
Nose: immediately attractive, aromatic citrus acidity, full and forward.
Palate: some weight in the mouth, rich but, after immediate zingy hit round the sides of the tongue, the middle palate is lacking. The mineral finish kicks in at the end and helps dry the obvious sweet fruit notes. For me, there was no kerosene nose or flavours.

It may be still to develop a fuller palate and the various sellers stress the need to age it five/six years but that takes us onlyto 2013/4/5 (it was released 09). I’m not so convinced it will develop greatly, and at nearly £19 it’s on the expensive side. Just about better value at £15

There – just the facts, man.

Green with Envoy

Green with Envoy


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