Drinking windows

Pouilly (slightly) fuming

Pouilly (slightly) fuming

Go on – admit it. Buying wine can develop into obsession. We see a bargain and think ‘that’ll be good’ or ‘that’s interesting’. Taking the bottle home, sneaking it into the house and squirrelling it away in the sock drawer, is all part of the exquisite challenge. Then …
….. we forget about it until, years later, it tumbles out when you least expect it. You were looking for a Cahors – and a Claret lands on your big toe. And it should have been drunk two years previously.
So this is a blog dedicated to just that experience.
Mathilde de Favray Pouilly Fume 2006 (M & S, currently selling the 2010 at c.£12) was bought about three years ago. It’s been sitting, quite patiently, waiting for me to open it. So Claire, Richard and I did so. Two nights ago. Me expecting it to match a fancy smoked salmon starter.
It presented a very pale yellow with a slight green tinge, clear and bright in the glass. So far so good. The nose, though still fresh, was more muted than we expected but there were some high notes of citrus. However, there was a slight cork taint which we thought would disappear. It didn’t. On the palate it showed its breeding. It had weight and was quite subtle but a slight woodiness could be detected which compromised the freshness it promised. Not a disaster but it had left its best days behind it. What a shame. I felt guilty to not do the wine justice by opening when I should have done – maybe 12/24 months earlier.
Result? We’re now searching through sock drawers, fishing under the bed and moving paint tins just in case there’s a hidden jewel somewhere that needs drinking. NOW!


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