Cono Sur, 2010, Reserva

cono sur 001

This is the one with the bicycle on the label because ‘a bicycle is a lifestyle’. No, I don’t get it either. Cabernet sauvignon, from Sainsbury, price down from £8.99>£6.99. Geoff, who opened it yesterday said, ‘clear, deep red, cherry rim, some viscosity evident, initially vanilla on the nose which faded after 2 hrs opening, quite dumb, difficult to pick variety but v. slight blackcurrant, spirity nose which did fade, dry with sweet notes, firm & not overloaded with tannins, good weight, slight green/immaturity. Today, nose has vanished and it just tastes like a ‘red wine’ – can’t detect the CS at all.

Decanter gave the ’09 17/20 so that’s the one to buy if you have a choice.


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