Drinking windows – part two


Oh dear! Another wine left too late. (see earlier blog). This time, the victim was a bottle of Morize Rose NV champagne brought back from France 18 months ago by Richard. It was opened as part of the 2012/3 new year celebrations. The colour was a deep pink, clear and it had a slight but steady bubble. So far so good. The nose was fresh and slightly yeasty. Still promising. But … the palate was high in acidity which was not balanced by the richness of fruit one might expect from a rose. It was also very dry. I wonder what it was like about 12/18 months ago? I will never know.

[Richard] Just to say that if you are ever staying in the Champagne region, especially near Troyes, Les Riceys is worth a visit. Lots of growers. We picked Morize after seeing a recommendation on the internet, charming woman, generous tasting of the range, not expensive. When bought the rose was very fresh, with a marked strawberry nose. Made in the proper style, incidentally – as they were keen to tell us – that is, the colour coming from the grape skins, not from blending in red wine.


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