When He’s Sixty-Four.

It’s Richard’s 64th year to heaven! (apologies Dylan Thomas). Snuck round with bottle of Nicholas Potel’s Pouilly Fuisse 2011 (Waitrose £10.99 on offer). Richard launched a half bottle of Gonzalez Byass Fino Dos Palmas sherry. An evening of good wines and food followed.
Firstly, the sherry. To look at, it was a bright, clear, shining gold with some viscosity which suggested richness and age. The nose was forward with high notes of acidity but also depth. There was also a very, very slight hint of caramel sweetness. The taste was dry with a lemony nuttiness. It had a persistent length. R. recognised the ‘two palms’ progression towards the fuller amontillado style. It matched – oh so well – the jamon, breadsticks and refreshing radishes that we crunched down.
The Fuisse and cheese was a Waitrose triumph. Colourwise, the wine was pale green yellow, clear and bright with a little viscosity clinging to the glass. A forward, deep nose developed as it warmed but still retained its freshness as well as a honeyed sweetness.
The dry wine had a great mouth feel with a nuttiness that grew as it sat in the glass. The long finish had a slight melon flavour (Richard) and retained its enticing freshness. I thought it had the qualities and gravitas of a more northern burgundy. It was a wonderful match to the rich, chalky Fettle ewe’s milk cheese with its buttery richness. and balanced acidity.
I have a bottle of the Fuisse left. It needs drinking – need to find a birthday soon.

[Richard] Thanks to Geoff for the wine and conversation. The fino is a small step up from the Una (mentioned a few posts ago), just starting to become amontillado. The Fuiseé was a revelation. Much better than I expected for the price.

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