Guy Lamoureux Cuvee Spéciale Champagne

As the whole world – or at least our very small readership –  knows (thanks Geoff!), I’m now 64. So friends round for champagne. More from Les Riceys where there are loads of growers, indeed more than one Lamoureux. Can’t remember the price (purchased from the cave in July) but not expensive, around €14. We chose this maker because a Frenchman on a campsite in Grande Motte recommended it and claimed to be a distance relative of the grower. There was also a claim, not substantiated, that it was drunk at the Royal Wedding, or a least at a party associated with. Perhaps that was the other Lamoureux. Anyway, a mention of Monsieur’s name at the cellar door didn’t elicit any favours unless you count the free gift of a stylised supermarket trolly token (after we had bought 24 bottles). Unlike the rose, (see earlier post) six months in a cupboard hadn’t done this any harm. Bright green/gold, very persistent and fine mousse, pronounced apple flavour (it’s 70% pinot), uncomplicated but delicious. We also had a Morize reserve, bought 18 months ago, which was very drinkable.



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