On the second day …

1063567xJanuary – we like to think – is a time for abstention. We’ve enjoyed the festivities rather too much and, to assuage our guilt, we might decide to ‘listen to our bodies’ – or our doctor – and reduce the intake. So here is wine that is dedicated to just that occasion. One that’s been opened and drunk one day then finished off the second day. A conscience-calming technique you can undertake whilst not spoiling the fun.
So what did Richard’s Sonoma-Cutrer 2007 show on day two?
Visually, it was a clear and bright cherry-red with some viscosity which would be expected of a 14.5% alcohol wine. The nose was still powerful and forward but more vegetal than obviously fruity, with developed aromas that suggest autumn rather than spring. The mouth feel was silky-smooth, it’s sweet-cherry fruit filled the mouth and lasted long after the the dry finish. We both thought it would improve even further – it still had that firmness of tannins and fullness of fruit to go on developing.
The chance of a third day opened was still attractive but ….. the temptation was too great!. Not bad though – two oenophiles , two days! Consciences assuaged and a great wine enjoyed.
Sonoma-Cutrer 2007 Californian Russian River from Waitrose circa £18.


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  1. Laurence Bonner

    Nice Work Guys!
    Had the Chardonnay the other day that was very good too overlooking London Bridge in a brewery restaurant! http://barleybrothers.com/brewery/