Meerlust 2008 Merlot (Stellenbosch region)

meerThe name ‘Meerlust’ means ‘love of the sea’ and is applied to the farm at the centre of this old estate. Sea breezes cool its well-established (1693) vineyards which are still owned by the Myburgh family – the eighteenth generation – although individual wine makers have put their own stamp on the various vintages. With all that history behind it we expected a half-decent wine – and we weren’t disappointed.
(These notes were made after the bottle had been opened for 36 hours.)
The colour was a deep garnet red but still clear and bright. Its viscosity was apparent which, at at 15% alcohol, you might expect. It had big fruit nose but also an aroma of green grass. Is this the effect of the 11% Cabernet Franc added to the blend? There was also definite smell of pepper. Despite the big, plum fruit flavour it was still had gentle tannins, keeping the wine well-structured and acting as a good balance to the sweet fruit taste. This wine was ripe, rich and savoury with a great length – wonderful to drink. It had held up very well. [Richard: I tried this wine over three days and there was remarkably little deterioration. I try to avoid wines of over 14% but this was very good.]

Supplier – Majestic, price £16.99 for two or more.


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