The world of should …


This famous wine reminds me of the 60s pop groups your friends said you should like but you never quite got – but pretended you did. Or the deep classic literature (Ulysses or any Dostoevsky) that you ought to enjoy but …..
Chateau Peyrol 2001 Madiran is made with 95% Tannat. (Is that the only palindromic grape variety?). The colour was black-red, it was opaque and rather dull to look at. On the nose you could mistake it for a young claret (some Cab. in there?) with its green sappy nose and muted spice. To taste it was big, lacking in fruit and not very giving, with little sweetness; it seemed very closed. We respected rather than liked it. Definitely a food wine and the food would need to be very strong-flavoured.
We thought it would be better decanted (six months ahead?) but Richard said it had not softened much a day later. Not the best wine experience I’ve had but at least I’ve tried it.
Now, where’s the Brothers Karamazov book – I should enjoy that.

[Richard: this wine came from Leon Stolarski who has a fascinating list of interesting wines, mainly from Southern France. Things you wouldn’t normally drink – I’ve only had five or so bottles of Madiran in 40-odd years – and well worth a look. I’m disappointed we didn’t like it more. Drunk with a daube de boeuf which I thought would be a perfect match.]


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