Equipo Navazos ‘I Think’ manzanilla

manzaEquipo Navazos have already featured on this blog. They are a sherry negociant who source older (and often forgotten) wines from bodegas, mostly around Jerez. They are also involved in producing wines of ‘quality and character’ of which this is one. The name refers to Darwin, not Descartes. This manzanilla was withdrawn from barrel in 2012 at about four years old, and, it is claimed, should continue to develop for several years. This is rather counterintuitive as we are always told to enjoy manzanilla young so I think this will develop into a ‘pasada’ (aged) style. On the nose it is pungent, burnt toffee, the taste is powerful, long, dry and refreshing. Very slightly hazy as little filtration was used. Rather similar to the Waitrose Fino del Puerto, if that is a useful reference.

This came from the Little Wine Company who have some other Equipo Navazos bottlings in stock.


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