No gooseberries – no cats’ pee



Pardon the vulgarity of the title but it was Richard’s précis of the 100% Sauvignon Chateau Doisy-Daene 2010 from the Wine Society (£15). The dry sister of the famous Barsac, this is an excellent wine and – unfortunately – has sold out. So there – you should have bought it earlier.

The colour is clear, bright pale-green with some viscosity (13% alc). On the nose it is fresh lemons with the vanilla nose of some oak ageing and quite different from the ubiquitous Sauvignons from NZ. The palate was clean and dry, full flavoured with good length, very slight oak and refreshing acidity. This is a well-made wine from a good producer – classy, but with some edge to it to keep it interesting. I have one bottlle left and will be looking forward to the 2011. Excellent with any fish dish or as an aperitif, this would be good for a blind Sauvignon tasting – just for the fun of seeing who places it. White Bordeaux, as has been stated, represent very good VFM at the moment. Long may it continue.

[Richard: interesting, impressive and very drinkable wine, in a style I never buy. Perhaps I should! Incidentally Geoff was convinced there was some semillion in the blend but the wine guides say not.]



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