‘Black young girl’


Waitrose have recently been stocking – and hopefully selling – a wine from Romania made from the Feteasca Negra grape variety. (The translation of FN is the title of this article). The wine is the product of a single vineyard, La Catina, and vintage is 2012. This – and other wines – from the same producer have been winning local and international awards, but, as we know, the wine industry likes its awards. So I thought I’d put it to our more humble tasting  regime.

The appearance was one of purple-red edgings with a deep, almost black, centre. There was some viscosity to show for its 13.5% of alcohol. The nose was attractively fruity and faintly reminiscent of blackberries, with some lifting acidity. It suggested the wine was going to be of medium depth. The palate was not complex but dry with some fruit sweetness balanced by that acidity detected on the nose. It had a firm structure without being too tannic and a smooth mouth feel. There was some length to is fruitiness and the lasting impression was of subtle blackberry.

At £8.60, it was interesting to try, but no more than that. It had immediate appeal – a ‘crowd-pleaser’, as some might say – but a little lacking in the complexity of some more well-known reds. However, it is supposed to age well, although when left open for eighteen hours and tried again there wasn’t a discernible difference.  I’ve had worse wines at a higher price than this; if you’re looking for a fruity red, the ‘black young girl’ might be for you.

[Richard: Geoff bought the last of the bottle round for me to try. I didn’t like it at all. Had a ‘foxy’ taste reminiscent of pinotage, my second least favourite grape.]


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