Two desert wines



Not the best photo, partly because the 2007 tokaji, on the left, is only a 25cl size, the smallest bottle of wine I have ever bought. A very popular wine in the seventies – I can remember buying it from Weavers Wines in Nottingham but it has fallen out of favour.

From Waitrose (£11), intending to drink at Christmas but something else was selected. We (Geoff, Steve and I) had this with a chocolate and hazelnut tart, with braised pineapple in a star anise sauce. Strong flavours and the wine stood up well with orange and caramel flavours predominant. We also tried a glass of the 2006 Vin de Paille or ‘straw wine’ (because the grapes are dried on straw mats, to concentrate the sweetness). This came from a LeClerc hypermarche in Troyes, last summer (€16). Not as good, rather tired and boring, although, in theory, the wine is very long lived. I’d rather have a decent oloroso, which it rather resembles.


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