Muller Deiss 2008 Rieslings’ comparison (and a pinot)

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This grower, based in Bergheim, sold us two bottles of Riesling from his 08 vintage – a great opportunity for comparative tasting. The first, Buehl de Bergheim,  was 12% ABV, the second, Pflaenzer de Bergheim was 11.5% ABV.

Both wines were very faintly yellow to look at, clear, with a little viscosity on the side of the glass. Their aromas were also identical, being slightly raisiny with forward, fruity noses of some acidity. The palate of the Buehl was mouth-wateringly dry, high in both acidity and minerality, light and really refreshing – great with food (in our case, a cod/fennel/potato dish). The Pflaenzer tasted very slightly sweeter, but still with the refreshing acidity balance, and not as minerally. Another great wine. Both wines were steely, rather than luscious, and for €8 were excellent value as light, everyday Rieslings.

[Richard: also shown is their pinot ’08. We went for this rather than the ’11, to the barely expressed surprise of the seller. How right he was. Thin, acidic, no improvement on day 2. Which set us wondering. Why don’t they grow a different red grape? Appellation Controle rules?]


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