Gewurtztraminer Cave Vinicole de Hunawihr 2008


Gewurtz has for many years occupied the coveted number one position in my ‘most hated grapes list’. I don’t think I’m alone in this and recall attending a tasting recently –  people paid for entry – where the only unfinished bottle was a gewurtz from South Africa which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Anyway, on the trip to Alsace I tasted a few and found I liked them. Simple reason – they don’t taste much of gewurtz. At least, the gewurtz we get over here.

This is from a very well respected co-op and is made from late picked or vendage tardive grapes. About €15 for 0.5l which sets it apart from most supermarket stocks. We drank it with foie gras and then Munster cheese, both from the region and they were a perfect match.

The wine is deep yellow, bright with some viscosity, spicy, some muscat flavour and honey flavours, weighty in the mouth with a balance of sweetness and acidity. A terrific drink and I’m a convert.

[Note by Geoff]: I’ve always liked Gewurz. but the Alsace tastings took the wine to a different level. The flavours were more pronounced and there was the clean finish that you don’t taste with the generic versions in the UK. I’m sorry Richard now likes it – no more of his hand-me-downs, unfortunately.


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