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This white wine had us flicking through wine books, pouring over the names of more obscure grape varieties that are to be found on Corsica. The wine is classed as a Vin de France which allows for blending across regions but Clos Colombu appears to be purely of Corsican origin.

The grape that dominates white Corsican wine is the Vermentino (a synonym for the southern French Rolle); it’s the most widely planted variety on the island. It can be blended with the other popular white grape, the Ugni Blanc – also known as the Trebbiano Toscano in Italy. There you have it – I warned you we’d been doing a lot of research.

To the wine’s tasting. It was a clear lemon yellow with some evidence of its 12.5% alcohol. The nose was quite aromatic to begin with but faded after it had been opened for a while. The palate was attractive in its softness without being soupy, it kept some structure but again, rather like the nose, it betrayed its humbler origins after a while. There was no outstanding characteristic of the wine. Very drinkable, pleasant, nicely structured and interesting – a wine you’d be happy to part with £8 – 10 for.

Wine Society price is closer to £20. Yes, well. Enough said, I think.

[Richard: Geoff and I are both fans of the Wine Society and often recommend it but sometimes I think they oversell their wines. This is a decent wine but much too expensive for what you get, which isn’t, as Geoff indicates, a great deal.]


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