Pierre Schueller Eichberg Grand Cru Riesling 2010


Why can’t we buy Alsace Rieslings like this in the UK?

The wines we can buy in this country are well-made, balanced wines that have a richness and a varietal flavour that make them attractive and certainly worth spending between £8 – 11 on. So far so good. So why the plea ‘Why can’t we …?”

Well this wine had all the above plus a real zinginess that made it mouth-wateringly dry, like biting into a really fresh apple that can make you suck in breath – because of its freshness. And yet it was still ‘bottomed’ by the Riesling notes of richness and musk that reined in the tongue- edge tartness. It had clear, sharply defined flavours that you know will improve as it obtains more bottle age. It’s green colour shouted of youth and hinted at what was to come whilst the nose had that lemony-lime acidity that Riesling-lovers crave. But it was the taste that stood it apart and made all those bottles standing, rather forlornly, on supermarket shelves seem …. well, forlorn.

This was purchased from Paul Schueller’s son, in their bottling garage in Husseren. Cost €9. Drive over and fill the boot – you won’t regret it

[Richard: lovely wine. We had read that Schueller in Husseren made great gewurtz so we drove around the village looking for a sign and found Schueller, P. Turns out this was the wrong Schueller, a mistake we made on two other occasions in other villages – lots of extended family wine making in Alsace. Nonetheless, very friendly welcome and we did buy some gewurtz as well.]


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