Chateau Thivin 2010 Cote de Brouilly


‘If there were such things as grand cru in Beaujolais,  Cote de Brouilly would undoubtedly be classified as the grand cu of Brouilly  ….. full, rich and flavoursome …. vivid and intense’ (Stevenson). Praise indeed. Well …

The wine we tried promised a lot in the colour and on the nose. All classic Gamay – purple red, clear and bright, fruity and granitey nose, not particularly big but the signs were good. But sometimes the taste does not live up to what the other two senses – of sight and smell – promise. It was very soft and smooth with a sweet cherry finish but not much else. Short rather than long, it had an uncomplicated quality but it lacked structure which made it difficult to drink after one glass. My mouth was coated with the wine and it sat rather thickly-sweetly. It needed some backbone, and might have been better if it were cooler.

So, a disappointment. And not a lot to write about.

[Richard: from Wine Society as part of a mixed case of 2010 Beaujolais, about £13. Pretty much agree with Geoff’s comments. Didn’t chill it on a cold June day and other beaujolais tasted were OK.]


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