Have you missed us?


We’re back.

And the first wine is a Martinez Lacuesta 2010 white Rioja – I though we’d resume with a favourite. This wine was barrique fermented and had an ABV of 13%. We’ve commented before about the traditional vs modern styles of white Rioja and I’m not going to sit on the fence with this. My distinct preference is for the older style of wine – I find the newer wines rather bland and not very expressive of any region in particular. The older style of oak hints in the flavours – balanced by acidity in a well-made wine – seems to have more character.

Lacuesta is a traditional Rioja, deep yellow with slight green hints in the glass with a lemony, refreshing nose. It tempted you into tasting it but that acidity did not dominate the palate which was decidedly nutty. It was a wine that sherry drinkers would love and reminded us of the ‘en rama’ sherry that is released by a growing number of sherry houses. This Rioja was fresh but the acidity did not dominate, the flavours were pronounced and there was a beguiling fruit sweetness on the palate. I accept Richard’s comments of it appearing rather short and light but it was a refreshing drink that had been open 24 hours. Not expensive, at around £11 it was excellent value and a great accompaniment to tapas-style food. It is stocked (locally to Birmingham) by Conolly’s but I’m sure is available from other outlets.

A beautifully balanced wine with which to restart the posts.


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