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Down at heel.


This is a find. It was recommended to me by Matt at Majestic Wines, Mere Green who uses it as his ‘everyday tipple’. I am, unfortunately, often disappointed by Italian red wines, particularly the more expensive Chiantis and Barolos but, I readily admit, it may be me rather than the wines. Anyway, back to Copertino 2008, made from the Negroamuro grape right down in the heel of the boot-shape that is Italy. It’s 13% ABV but carries it well in a nicely balanced wine with bags of savoury flavours.

The colour is clear garnet red with no hint of either purple or brown on the rim. The nose is the first indicator of the taste to come (to mix the senses) – a rich, sour cherry rustic- farmyard waft of aromas come barrelling out of the glass. And a tiny bit of spice is there, high up in the nose. These aromas impress you to drink. The taste is everything I’ve expected from the expensive Italian reds mentioned above. Full on flavour, deep, rich, and tart with lovely damson fruit sweetness – a refreshing mouthful. There was still a  tannic structure which firmed-up the cloying sweetness that you can get from southern Europe reds and kept it ‘on track’.

I think that five years ageing has helped soften a wine that might have been unapproachable in its youth – it’s certainly ready for drinking now with those rich, sweet, acid tomato sauces that are the hallmark of the Italian kitchen. Thoroughly recommended at about £6 – really excellent value.


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