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Home in the Rhone


Simply, this was a beautiful wine. Syrah at its best.

Sorrel’s Hermitage 2004 had a deep red appearance with a red rim, indicating a medium aged wine. It was not quite star bright but which would have been out of character. The forward nose had an aromatic menthol quality along and some rustic notes. The acidity on the nose helped gain it a light red fruit quality, balancing the developed richness.

The palate was rich and savoury, met by refreshing acidity and with a subtly sweet finish.  At 13% ABV it was delicately weighted and not a stereotypically ‘big wine’ in any sense of that phrase; rather, a beautifully structured wine that could be drunk, with or without food, all evening long. Silky in texture and still firm in tannin it was a pleasure to drink.

I think Richard finished it off with lamb steaks but I’ll let him tell you about that.

[Richard: went very well with a lamb steak/butternut squash dish (Jason Atherton). From the Wine Society – still available – at £32. Lovely wine where you hope there is another glass, even though you know the bottle is empty.]


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