Blindingly obvious


Blind tasting is good fun; part of that fun is the fool you can make of yourself, not just once – but several times. This Pinot Noir was easily spotted on the nose but then the fun started. It was distinctive enough for me to pronounce either Burgundy or New Zealand – right so far. At that point I stalled.

My reasoning. If it’s NZ, it’s generally more forward, more obviously fruity; Burgundy tends to be subtler, somewhat heftier, possibly more reticent, older perhaps? That’s how I benchmark – probably way too simplistic to a more experienced taster.

So, colour. Light to medium red, slightly purple (Richard – ‘pale’) at the rim. Some windows. Conclusion – young, some alcohol, about 13%. The nose was sweet with some vegetal qualities, quite forward in fruit, persistent, with some dark notes and a pleasing smokiness. Conclusion – young, forward and immediately appealing – NZ.

Okay – palate. Not hugely fruity, quite high acidity, soft, drying, medium length. Can’t decide now. I’m pushed into pronouncing …….’ New Zealand’ and it’s …………. Burgundy. So I declare, in a desire to rectify my error, it must be a southern Burgundy i.e. Cote de Beaune.

Wine:  2010 Chorey-les-Beaune, Domaine Tollot-Beaut 13% ABV.

[Richard: bought en primeur from the Wine Society but no longer available. About £16. Easy to be a know-all when you’ve opened the bottle but I couldn’t see much that suggested NZ.]

I did say it would be great with duck. I’m right on that.



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