“A wine drinker’s wine”

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” A wine drinker’s wine”. It’s a strange idiom but one that’s repeated in articles on a variety of subjects, witness the “he’s an actors’ actor”, or “this is a car driver’s car”. I think it’s meant to imply gravity, depth and flatters both the subject and the writer for having some quality ordinary people won’t or can’t enjoy. Anyway, this is our WDW. Tomas Cusine Finca Racons 2010 from the Wine Society.  It’s been out of stock at the WS for some time but the 2012 has recently been featured in a Spanish offer, the wine we tried, however, is from a previous stock. It’s made solely from the Macabeo grape and is a hefty 14% ABV. The cost of the 2012 is £16.50.

The colour is a deep lemon rather than gold and there are some windows to indicate weight. The nose is quite exotic – rich with sweet notes yet having obvious acidity. Cusine suggests opening this an hour before in order for it to develop, it also does not want to be served cold.

Immediately, the mouth feel is heavy with slight hardness on the front palate. This is not obtrusive as the wine develops a lovely fruit sweetness in the mid-palate and dries to a long finish. The wine is well-balanced, the relatively high alcohol is worn lightly; it is enjoyable without food but will need to be treated with respect.

Food matches could include veal, pork, stronger flavoured fish dishes and tapas of all shades.

[Richard: I’d forgotten but we have blogged on this wine before. Not decanted this time – forgot that as well – but it is 16 months older which should have compensated.]


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