“Decantation Suggested …”


… thus wrote the winemaker at the bottom of the back label of this weighty white from the Rueda DOC in northern Spain. This was Belondrade y Lurton 2012 (13.5% ABV).

Spain is currently delivering lots of interesting wines, founded upon grape varieties that had previously been forgotten, considered non-commercial or just side-lined in  favour of the international celebrity names. The Verdejo grape originated in Rueda but, post-phylloxera, was replaced with higher yielding varieties. However, its high glycerol and structure means the potential to mature into a full flavoured wine with a lovely mouth feel.

The colour was a very clear bright lemon yellow with no green tints but evidence of the glycerol in its pronounced windows. The nose was not particularly strong in fruit or floral notes but was fresh, clean and the acidity was evident.

The palate was rich, long and dry – but not bone dry. The acidity gives it a refreshing quality and helps balance the firm weightiness. I detected a nettle-like freshness but, as Richard said, it’s not often you taste nettles. This is a wine with some gravity and is big in the mouth. A serious dollop that developed in the glass. Decanting recommended – which is where we came in.

[Richard: Wine Society, about £23. Lovely wine, would buy again. We didn’t decant it.]


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