Richard’s last hurrah


Every so often a wine stands out from the rest – this was one of those. Rostaing, is a ‘classicist’ when it comes to wine styles, so, when added to his ‘most favourite vintage of the last twenty years’ (2010), the resultant flavours are really memorable. Robert Parker gave this wine 94 points (we found this out after we tasted it) but it is easy to see why. The wine is Rostaing’s Cote Rotie Ampodium – a blend from different sites in the northern Rhone region – but 100% Syrah. The ABV was 13.5%.

The colour was a deep red with a pronounced purple rim. It had a fabulous nose of white pepper – initially – but then developing into lighter, red fruits, especially raspberries. There was nothing clumsy or big about this, the delicacy was delightful. It was a wine you could smell all day and still find something new to comment upon.

The pepper was also evident in the taste as well as the refinement the mouth feel being quite light. It certainly was not light on flavour, however, being really long with a subtle taste of liquorice. It ended on a a dry note

Personally, this was my style of Syrah/Shiraz wine. Not too alcoholic, no final taste of sweetness and so complex in all it had to offer. We had an interesting discussion about food matching and ‘no big flavoured food’ was the result.

“Richard’s Last Hurrah ?” I’ll let him explain that.

[Richard: after I retired I bought a lot of wine. Eventually it was suggested to me that perhaps I’d overdone it a bit. Hard to disagree. I realised I didn’t want to feature in a tabloid under a ‘man killed by avalanche of wine in his loft’ headline, so I stopped buying in early 2013 and have been drinking ‘from stock’ since then. Thus this wine was one of the last received, hence the post title. Purchased from Tanners en primeur in 2012 but delivered much later, of course. About £35. I wondered if it needed more time but it doesn’t. Lovely to drink now – Geoff’s comments are spot on – though doubtless it will improve. Five bottles left so we’ll see.]



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