You may remember, from a few years ago, the ‘ABC’ movement, in other words a revolt against the seeming ubiquitous grape, a shortening of ‘anything but chardonnay’. I always thought that the familiarity of the initial letters made this more appealing than it’s effect in reality, and it was only ever intended as a protest against the ‘tropical fruit’ New World styles which then were seen at every dinner table, pub and wine bar. I doubt that it had much effect on the sales of white burgundy.

Anyway, thinking about this post – another solo effort as Geoff is busy on Friday nights for a while – it occurred to me that we had never blogged on a sauvignon blanc. Actually we have – here and here, but the wines did not stick in the memory. However in the second link you will find the perceptive words ‘sauvignon is everywhere’. Yes, times have changed  and sauvignon is the new chardonnay. There is now a wide range from cheap to expensive.

I’ve a fondness for New Zealand sauvignon and have tried, and liked, all of the big names over the last couple of years, including Isabel, Dog Point and Cloudy Bay. But my favourite is Greywacke (prounced greywacky, which I always think is odd) Wild Sauvignon, aged in old oak and fermented with wild yeasts. This is the 2012 from the WS at £23. Unlike many sauvignons some maturity helps here. A complex smoky nose which always reminds me of grapefruit, not typically sauvignon, lots of acidity but also very savoury. Great as an aperitif or, as we drank it, with roast chicken.


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