Four interesting wines

Regular readers (hi John) we know that for posts containing flights of fancy, literary allusions and wine science you need Geoff. I’m more how much and where from with some run-of-the-mill impressions. So this is really just a diary entry – no notes were taken whilst drinking. Just something I can look back on in twenty years and wonder at – which is a pretty good reason for maintaining a blog.


The two reds are both French. The Dutruch 2010 was purchased en primeur from the WS at about £12. Merlot CS and petit verdot. The WS say drink from 2015, the makers from 2013 with the latter more accurate, in my view. A very typical, easy to drink (13.5%) claret, good with food or without. The Ch d’Angles 2007 was from Hawkshead Wines and is an unoaked GSM blend with more Syrah than anything else. Lovely tarry nose, ripe fruit, some acidity. Very drinkable.


The two whites have something in common which is that both have ‘wild’ on the label meaning fermentation has resulted from naturally occurring yeasts, rather than cultured yeast. Different grapes but a very similar style – very complex and textural with a great mouthfeel and hints of grapefruit in both. The Greywacke is my favourite sauvignon blanc (WS, about £23 for the 2012) and is really atypical of the style. No cat’s pee. Assyrtiko is a Greek grape (sometimes blended with sauvignon). The wine, by Gaia, came from Corking Wines at about £16 but they seem to have sold out. Not surprising because it is very good and the equal of the Greywacke.



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