Aldi – good value?

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Wine is a symbol of middle-class taste – well at least according to Aldi and Lidl. Their notable efforts to attract more –  and different – customers has resulted in offers of wines that have been quite eye-catching. I was browsing the wine shelves in Aldi and noticed their Hermitage 2010 at £19.99, made by the co-operative at Tain. An ideal wine for our tasting evenings and this blog.

Colour – dense, black with a garnet rim. Some legs. (it’s 13% ABV).

Nose – not particularly forward or fruity but Richard identified the low notes of laurel. It’s 100% Syrah.

Palate – smooth, gentle tannins. It has immediate, big dark fruit appeal but the middle/back palate fades quickly and it’s short (This wine had been open 2.5 hours – but we expected a Hermitage to stand that).

Overall impression: . It depends on what you want to do at Christmas, impress with your knowledge of French wine areas or amaze with the quality of wine in the glass. £20 for the Hermitage label is great value, £20 for this red wine is poor value.

(Richard: Aldi has had some interesting seasonal wines in stock recently – the Canadian ice wine is lovely and the 30y tawny has been very well reviewed. No sign of the latter in Sutton Coldfield unfortunately. So we had some expectations but, as Geoff suggests, these were not realised. Which leads on to a buying tip – if a wine is not reviewed (I couldn’t find any of the Hermitage) it’s probably not worth purchasing. Wine critics are keen to praise but very slow to criticise. Cynics amongst you could speculate on the reasons for this.]


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