Another Aldi


This time, a Christmas favourite – the pudding wine. The wine comes from Austria’s Burgenland in the south-east of the country where a lot of red wine is produced (see earlier blog). The wine is Aldi’s Austrian Burgenland  Beerenauslesen which sells for £6 for a half-bottle. It is, surprisingly, non-vintage and has an ABV of 11%.

The colour was a clear pale yellow and smelt of honey. The palate was raisiny with some balancing sweetness. It had a long finish and, although full of flavour, had a refreshing acidity which maintained our interest.

We have become sophisticated in our appreciation of pudding wines (or ‘stickies’, a rather horrible neologism from Australia) but this would be equally as good, if not better, with a rich starter such as foie gras.

A good value wine, not brilliant, but interesting and a fine food match.

[Richard: three people who love sweet wine tried this and thought it terrific . It seems to appear every Christmas so I’ll probably buy it again next December.]


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