Beaune 1er Cru Les Sizies 2007


This was tasted an hour after being decanted and rather confirmed Richard’s 1st Rule i.e. that Pinot Noir smells better than it tastes. It was made by Domaine de Montille and was part of a mystery case form the Wine Society but Lay and Wheeler currently stock it at £28.

Light red it had turned a brackish tinge round the rim but had an intriguing nose; its complexities being sweetness and gentle acidity, but with a depth that suggested more than cherries but not as deep as beetroot.

The palate was certainly light in body, long and savoury but with not a lot of fruit and somewhat lacking in character. Evidently, the 2007 vintage was particularly wet up until just before the vendage then a long dry autumn followed which became a saviour for the growers. This excessive dampness may account for the lightness and rather hollow flavour and the wine may have been better with a shorter decanting period. In our opinion it’s rather over-valued at £28.

[Richard: I did some googling on this and and opinion was ‘from 2015’. With that in mind I decanted it, unnecessarily, as Geoff suggests. The wine easily conformed to another of my Rules, namely that most burgundy is waste of money. I’ve got a few more ’07s under the bed – might be time to try those.]


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