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I’m looking forward to my first ever trip to Greece later in the year and in preparation have been reading up on the cuisine which seems to be underrated, at least if this book (a Xmas present) is anything to go by. Last night we had lamb klefitiko with tzadiki and pitta bread accompanied by the above, the first red Greek wine I’ve ever tasted. From Waitrose, £7.80. I couldn’t taste or smell much cabernet and the ‘private collection’ is pretentious in a wine offered via a supermarket but, nevertheless enjoyable enough, if rather anonymous and a little thin. Retested 24 hours later much the same. Nowhere near as distinctive or classy as the fabulous white Assyrtiko, but half the price.


My favourite cocktail is the Negroni. However when I’ve made it at home I’ve always felt that the vermouth (usually Martini Rosso) rather unbalances the drink and is too assertive. So, when I saw that Waitrose (Lichfield) were selling the renowned and hard to find Carpano Antica red vermouth, I couldn’t resist, even at £14 a half bottle. Tasted on it’s own the wine is spicy, herby and very complex. It reminded me of the vermut sold in bars in Madrid. And it made a superb Negroni with Campari and Bombay Sapphire gin.


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