Cabardès. Somewhere in the south?


Although I’ve been to France many times I would struggle to place Cabardès on a map but it’s actually a small appellation north of Carcassonne. A few years ago we picked up a few bottles of L’Esprit de la Bastide, 2000 in a LeClerc hypermarché sale in Troyes. Dave remembers the cost as €10, I thought it was €6. Nevertheless we cleared the shelf but I only bought one, to my regret. The wine is the premier bottling (big heavy bottle) from the Chateau de Pennautier. Not easy to find out much about the wine but it seems to be a blend of syrah and merlot. I can’t improve on the tasting note at the linked site. Delicious wine and great value, even at the non-sale price, say around €15. However I can’t find any UK availability although the WS and others sell (well reviewed) Pennautier wines.


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