Enzo Boglietti 2007 Barolo Fossati


On first smelling and tasting this I thought it was a Spanish wine, either Rioja, Priorat or Ribero del Duoro. Although decanted for an hour, it was firm in its tannins which, in my opinion, showed it was still too young and yet to show at its best. It had started to develop a brick coloured rim to its black-red colours and the nose was oaky but with discernible high notes, complementing the dark fruits.

It was a ‘full on’ wine, classy, savoury but in no way delicate but with a good length of flavour.

I’d like to try this in 10 years time when, I think, it will become more perfumed, gentle and not so assertive. No doubting it was a great wine and destined to be greater.

[Richard: Barolo is probably my blindest of blind spots where wine is concerned. Can’t remember the last bottle and have only drunk three or four in my life. The usual reasons with Italian wine – opaque quality structure and a question over value for money with the perception that cheap(er) Barolos are not worth it. And in the background, questions about fraudulent practices – although not the case with this wine of course, which is via the Wine Society (£40,14.5, no longer available) from a very reputable maker. The mirror image on the bottle is deliberate. Fossati is the vineyard and only 3,000 bottles were produced. Opinion on Cellartracker and elsewhere was that this was ready but, as Geoff, indicates, it needed more time, even after decanting. I should have resisted. Lovely wine though and very classy. As it happens I bought two other Barolos at the same time – different maker – which definitely need 10 years more. Hang in there Geoff.]


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