Chapelle Lenclos Madiran 2001


At 14% and made from the Tannat grape, this wine would have been a bit of a bruiser in its youth, probably near-undrinkable and lacking in any subtlety. It had still retained that dense black colour and left some windows on the  inside of the glass but the nose had developed a fruit sweetness that was inviting. I could also detect a slight oxidation which gave a hint to its declining acidity. There was some acidity but the richness carried through into the palate where it had retained a slight edge of tannin.

We’ve both got bottles of Madiran lying in racks. I wonder which decade will suit them best?

[Richard: interesting wine with an unusual vinification technique. Not sure what difference it makes because this didn’t taste like a thirteen year old wine – rather one-dimensional with little secondary flavours developing. Don’t seem to have a record of where I bought this. Possibly here. In summary, not bad for the price (£12) but nothing encouraged me to dig out the other bottles Geoff mentioned.]


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