My favourite wines


I have now decided the answer to the question “What’s your favourite wine?” Instead of replying rather vaguely “Well, I enjoy…. ” , from now on I will state, categorically, “White Burgundy.”

There we are, I’ve confessed. For me, these are the most consistently interesting and well made wines.

This was no exception – Puligny Montrachet Folatieres Premier cru 2008 by Joseph Drouhin. It was bought from Waitrose who had reduced the wine from £48 to £24 to clear stock about 18 months ago.

The really bright clear gold colour shouted quality whilst the aroma of lemons and hazelnuts was so obviously a classy Burgundy that even I (with my recent poor spotting record) got it as southern Cote d’Or. There was a lovely richness to the palate, so well tempered by acidity that it never cloyed. The flavours just kept changing with every mouthful.

It was a classy wine, at its best now. I’ve got one left. We’ll let you know.

[Richard: the mechanics of supermarket price reduction fascinate me. Is the decision to mark down made by a computer generated algorithm? Or by the head office wine team? Or locally? Here the reduction is especially odd as the wine – when reduced – was not at maturity. As I recall – Geoff may remember different – this wine is not usually stocked at our local Waitrose and the full price is perhaps a little on the steep side, even for Four Oaks locals. So maybe they had a part case they wanted to shift. We’ll never know. Our gain anyway because this was a very attractive Burgundy. No premox either!]


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