Playing catch-up – late notes


Mock exam season, so lots of marking. Apologies to our reader. Having declared my favourite wine is a white Burgundy, Richard retrieved a Bachelet Chassagne Montrachet 08 from his fast diminishing stocks.  Whilst it was appreciated, it was a touch disappointing. 08 was a light year with not too much sun and this was reflected in the dominating acidity and the rather one dimensional palate. It hadn’t the richness I look forward to and the complex nose promised a lot more than was delivered in the mouth.  The appearance also promised weight in the lemon yellow colour but it just wasn’t there. At £45, we both thought it overvalued. The second wine of the evening was the Ridge Geyserville  09 – a cocktail of Zinfandel (74%), Carignan (19%) and Petit Syrah (7%). It cost £26 from the Wine Society and packed a whacking 14.5% ABV. The colour was black with a slight purple rim and plenty of legs. The nose was fruity fresh, attractive with some quite subtle smokiness. There was a spirity aroma to it. The front and middle palates were attractive but it vanished quickly after a beguiling spicy almonds taste. I can’t get on with Zin, unfortunately, it always leaves me disappointed, promising so much but never going the full distance. Anyone out there to disagree?

[Richard: the burgundy was a bottling for Berry Bros, the last of a mixed case bought about four years ago. Nowhere near as complex as I had hoped and, as Geoff indicates, poor value for money. I’ve always liked Ridge, although I’ve only had a few bottles. I remember spending what seemed an enormous amount of money (probably £50 – a present from my grandmother) on some bottles from the MWW store on Hagley Road, in those far off days when one had to drive miles to find interesting wine. Actually it’s not so easily available now with the WS no longer stocking the brand although I see that MWW have the 2012 of this wine at £32. Not worth it I’m afraid.]


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