The future’s not orange?


I thought this would be ideal for a Sunday night tasting. Unusual grape and production method, controversial style and, most important, low alcohol (10.5%). The orange in the post title refers both to both the colour of the wine in glass and the style – ‘orange wines’ being a synonym for natural  or minimum intervention wines. I  really only purchased this to make up a half case from Highbury Vintners as I wanted some of the fabulous Faugeres we drank in London on our honeymoon. So, this is Azienda Agricola COS Pithos Bianco IGT, 100% Grecanico, fermented in 400l terracotta amphoras buried in the soil. Some fascinating pictures on their website. Quite a build-up but we weren’t greatly impressed. The predominate smell is stewed apple, which Geoff identified as too much malic acid. Not unpleasant, just a bit dull. In addition the low alcohol gave a thin mouth feel. Apple taste as well with some bitter almond. ‘Old champagne’ was another comment, although without the richness or complexity. An interesting wine but not one I’d buy again, especially at £23.

(Geoff. It was interesting to drink an unusual wine but the dullness, as Richard described it, came from it being one-dimensional. Once we’d got used to its flavour that was it. A simple wine, rustic; possibly a wine you’d bring back from a holiday then, six months later, wonder why you’ve still got five bottles left. One review on Cellar-tracker rated it very highly so it has its fans.)


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