Found! The needle in the haystack

chi 007

Yes, a Chianti that’s a joy to drink. This wine was recommended on my recent visit to Tanners at Shrewsbury. I had just opined that Chianti was variable, to put it mildly. Being a trusting soul I purchased a bottle of Riecine 2011 Chianti Classico – and was glad I did. Bright red in its constant colour right through to the rim, the alcohol level was presaged by obvious legs. The nose had the unripe cherry notes and fresh acidity that is associated with this wine. It also had a very slight, attractive wood nose. The palate was silk smooth, fresh with a dry tangy finish (despite the high alcohol – ABV 14.5%). There was a lovely depth of strong dark fruit flavour in its long finish. The tannin grip was not overdone and gave the wine a structure to the big fruit flavours. A softening vanilla note was evident but this did not detract from its attractive dry quality. Overall,this was a lovely wine as can be confirmed by the tasting notes on line. Cost about £12, so excellent value. Thoroughly recommended.


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