Aldi Exquisite?


Pity the marketing staff in the Aldi wine department. Finest (with its irritating asterisk) has been taken, as has Taste The Difference – not always a recommendation. Morrison has M Signature and Asda Extra Special. On the other hand Waitrose and Lidl don’t differentiate their fine wines into a separate range. so Aldi had a choice but went with Exquisite as the name for their up-market wines. An appropriate word for jewellery perhaps but not the first word that comes to my mind when describing an alcoholic drink. I happened to see the above wine when I was in Aldi looking for something else and the shelf tag does indeed say Exquisite. But this is actually a wine from the Lot Collection, meant to be ‘super premium’ – but only £9.99. Confused? Anyway this is Lot 3 from Pezenas, made by Mas, a big name in those parts. One of my favourite French towns as it happens.  All the signifiers of a drink with fine wine pretensions are here. Heavy, numbered bottle, information tag tied with twine round the neck, painting on the label. This bottle is no.11 (out of 26,000), believe it or not. The wine is a typical GSM blend, possibly with carignan as well. A very nice drink, plenty of rich, spicy fruit, some acidity. No oak that I could taste [edit: the neck label states that the wine is matured in French and American oak] so I think the claim that it will develop for the next 10 years is fanciful. Good value and I’d buy it again.



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  1. Aldi marketing names to conjure with ….

    Eggs, Aldi laid
    Paintings, Aldi Dali Collection
    Dial Aldi for home delivery

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