Going to Greece


First holiday to Greece coming up soon so we’ve been trying a few. See here and here.

This was what is, increasingly, a rare WS purchase (£24). Still a great place to buy wine but I’m trying to run down my stock a bit (or a lot). But recently Geoff and I shared a mixed case of various Greek wines.

Friday night with Angie so no notes taken. However Geoff has provided me with a link to the website for some information. 100% mavrotragano, not a grape I’m familiar with. Tasted to me rather like a sangiovese/gamay blend. Bright colour and fruit, quite spicy, very easy to drink and very moreish. Rather overpriced given the relative lack of complexity.

All the Greek wines we have tasted so far have been upmarket so I’m wondering what I’ll find in our little fishing village with its very small supermarket. Blog to follow in June.


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