New Zealand Pinot Noir


Richard and I play a game with Pinot Noir. He knows I can generally spot the grape but have difficulty with its origin – NZ or Burgundy. I have learned that the forward, lighter style is not likely to be northern Cote d’Or and the Cote de Beaune wines have more similarity to NZ – sometimes. However, last Sunday, I did claim NZ and was correct – which is not always the case.

The wine was Terravin Pinot Noir from the WS, purchased on our recent excursion to Stevenage. The light red colour, slightly pink at the edges, was followed by a very appealing smokey nose, with acidity and forward fruit. It was an enjoyable wine to taste, all sweet red fruits but sappy and granitey. This made for a pure and clean palate rather than a rich one.

At £20, it was on the expensive side but £20 spent in Burgundy is maybe more risky than this as regards quality. It’s a guaranteed attractive wine for this price, if lacking in complexity; great with lighter meats.

[Richard: I wanted to buy the more up-market Terravin Eaton Family on our visit to the WS but it is mail order only. This was a decent drink with the nose promising a wine that the taste didn’t quite deliver.]


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