Rustenberg 2012 Chardonnay


My love of Chardonnay is out of fashion with current trends. I enjoy the more broader, oaky, style – especially if harmoniously balanced by acidity. This was a lovely example.

From Stellenbosch in South Africa, it was a very clear, very pale green colour with some viscosity evident (it was 14% ABV). The nose was dominated by ripe melon fruit, a lemon/lime acidity and vanilla oak notes. A great wine to smell. The taste was a great balance of the citrus notes and creamy vanilla – without being over-oaked. There is a slight touch of sweet fruit at the finish whilst the grip stopped it being flabby.

It’s a really well-made wine that gets good reviews on line; it’s available from Majestic Wines at £15.99. If you like the  broader Chardonnay style it’s a wine worth trying.


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