‘…. the most flavour-packed taste experiences imaginable’.

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Tom Stevenson states ‘a premier cru Puligny by a top grower such as Etienne Sauzet is one of the most flavour-packed taste experiences imaginable’. No ambiguity there then.

La Garenne is a Premier Cru vineyard in Puligny Montrachet AC, close to the village of Blagny; this was Sunday night’s wine, made by the renowned Sauzet. It cost £40 from the Wine Society. The 2011 vintage is regarded as producing a fresher, more forward style of wine and this proved to be the case with our tasting.

In the glass it was a uniform pale yellow in colour, with no hints of green, and some viscosity evident. The nose was a lemon-citrus and initially shy but longer exposure to air gave the wine a richer, riper bouquet. (Richard will write about this later development). It had wonderful balance of lemon freshness on the palate but was light, dry with some length. We both came up with words such as delicate, pure, refined. This was wine to sip and enjoy gently, respectfully – it didn’t warrant being rushed. Thanks, Richard, a very enjoyable experience.

[Richard: this is the second bottle from a mixed half case of 2011 Sauzet. First one was blogged last year. This is also the second cheapest (a mere £51) and was, by consensus, ready to drink. My reactions mirrored Geoff and, as the evening progressed the wine developed into a fuller, richer style. Another argument for decanting white wine.


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