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Currently, sherry articles emphasise what great value it is. So, we decided to test this opinion. I’ll let Richard write about the pricing but this was a wonderful wine and befitting of the occasion of my declared retirement from full-time teaching. Thanks, Richard.

La Bota Olorosa no.28 is from Fernando de Castilla in the Jerez barrio of Santiago. Made in very small quantities – 900 hundred bottles, to be precise, from one barrel – la bota, usually on the left end of a row. This was a superb drink.

Beautifully clear and bright, it had an amber/orange hue and the expected viscosity. The nose was all citrussy, orange peel, but deep and rich – so complex we wanted to revisit the experience. On the palate, it had spice and acidity and a weighty mouth-feel. The middle palate was sweet but the extremely long finish was dry. The whole taste was redolent of power – but beautifully so.

This was a memorable bottle of wine.

[Richard: As Geoff has recently decided to forsake the wage slave life and do something else I wanted to open something special for our latest Friday evening tasting – and this was a bottle I’ve been looking forward to for a while. We’ve blogged on Equipo Navazos before with the La Bota De Manzanilla Pasada (No 40) being the best sherry I have ever tasted. A shame we didn’t blog that one! Anyway this was the first oloroso we’ve tried from EN and it was nearly as good as No. 40. Amazingly complex and long, just as good the following day. Which brings us onto the question of value Geoff alludes to. Only 900 (half) bottles suggests a premium price and so it was – £62 – which makes it the most expensive bottle (per centilitre) I’ve ever bought. From this supplier who knocked the price down from £75 as a different, cheaper palo cortado wasn’t available.


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