Chablis Fourchaume Domaine William Fevre 2007


Another wonderful glass of wine – the second in one night.

Chablis is a much-abused name – promoted heavily by the big stores and so often thin, mean and disappointing as a consequence. But this was very much the opposite.

So green in the glass to be almost luminous it yelled acidity and freshness. The nose was surprisingly slight, but it probably needed more time – Richard can confirm what it was like later. Again, the freshness was there – even in an eight year old wine.

It had a pronounced weighty mouth-feel, rich in flavour but we could not detect any oak. A beautifully balanced mineral-driven wine, the acidity was not overpowering but always there to tempt another glass. It had loads of life in it – and would still be going strong for another 5 – 7 years. I bet this was superb later in the evening.

Over to you, Richard.

[Richard: fabulous wine which did change and improve through the evening. Very easy to drink – didn’t need food. I bought 6 from the WS (£25 each – a real bargain) in 2013. However the average price was raised a bit by a recent bottle being oxidised. I think this is the last of them, certainly the best. All those Chablis characteristics like slate, wet stone and minerality in evidence.]


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